What should I wear?
For massage treatments you will need to undress down to your underwear. You will be left alone to do so and towels are provided. If your upper body only is being treated, ladies may leave your bra on and you may leave your trousers on but should remember to have a comfortable waistband as you may be lying on it. Some people prefer to bring shorts.
Throughout the treatment the areas of your body that are not being treated will be covered with a towel or blanket for your comfort.
What should I expect?
Your first session will comprise of a brief medical questionnaire and assessment to help decide the appropriate treatment plan for you. Treatment will then commence and may combine massage and assisted stretching techniques.
If you require additional treatments, we will review your symptoms and goals since your last visit to ensure that you are recovering and progressing smoothly. Adjustments will be made if necessary.
Recommendations about home exercises and stretching may also be given to aid your treatment plan or referral to a physiotherapist or other health professional if this would be more beneficial.